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Uookon Partnership

Why partner with us?

Our mission is to connect job seekers with employers and recruiters in Oklahoma and around the country. To date, we have connected thousands of job seekers in all fields to local and national employers. By partnering with us and promoting our job services, you will help provide FREE access to thousands of Oklahoma and national jobs to your students or members. Additionally, your members/students will have access to a number of tools and support system designed to help them find their next job, fast and conveniently.

Partnership Tools We Offer

We offer quite a few tools designed to help our partners promote our services among their members or students. These tools are simple and easy to use, and they are offered for FREE to our partners.

Job widget

Our job widget is a convenient tool that allows your students or members to search our job database from your website. It is offered as an HTML code. Simply insert it into the source code of any page on your website and modify the looks and feel to match your website. You can also customize the dimension (width or height) of widget to fit your purpose.


Our banners are offered in two forms: Image and HTML code.

As an image the banner can be uploaded and then inserted into a publication online or offline. As an HTML code, simply insert it into an online publication like newsletters, email weekly or daily emails, etc. No coding experience is necessary for you to use the banner.


Our poster/flyer is also offered as an image or HTML code. You can print the image or upload it onto any online or offline publication. As an HTML, you can insert it in the source code of a web page, newsletter or email communication to your members.

How to Promote our services

On Websites

All three of our promotion tools (job widget, banner and poster) work very well on websites. However, we recommend job widget as the best promotion tool for websites. It is convenient and offers direct access to our jobs from your website. Simply insert the code on your chosen page, and your site is automatically connected to our job database. Visitors to your site can now search jobs without leaving your website.

Via Newsletters

Do you send a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter to your members or student body? If yes, you could effectively promote our free employment services by inserting one of more of our banners or poster in your newsletter.

We’ll provide the code to your webmaster who will determine the best spot for the banner or poster and then insert it into the source code. It’s that simple!

On Bulletin Boards

Many schools and churches have bulletin boards placed at strategic locations around their buildings and across the campus. Place our posters on as many of the bulletin boards as possible.

On Weekly Program bulletins

Churches can effectively promote our free employment services by add a job services category on their weekly program bulletins and listing our web address: Members who are unemployed, underemployed or in need of a new job can simply visit our website and search our job database to find what they are looking for.

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